1. We are dive travel experts on the destinations we take you to.
  2. We use our expertise to prepare hassle-free dive trips for you.
  3. We know what hotels, dive operations, and liveaboards to use.
  4. We handle the diving details with the dive operator.
  5. We are largely in control of when, where, and how long we make our chosen dives.
  6. We educate and properly prepare you on trip related issues.
  7. We host pre-trip gatherings to answer questions and make personal introductions.
  8. To make your trip equipment trouble-free, we are here to inspect and service all items well in advance.
  9. We handle the details so all you have to do is show up on time.
  10. When diving with familiar people, there is a better chance of someone being nearby to help should you need it while underwater.
  11. We arrange hotel and airport transportation.
  12. We make checking into the hotel quicker, easier, and hassle-free.
  13. We are there to handle and correct problems that may arise.
  14. We will do our best to correct equipment difficulties that may occur.
  15. When diving with people you know, there is usually an extra of whatever you may need.
  16. We will schedule and host a post-trip photo party and provide you with photos!
  17. We constantly organize and conduct other dream dive trips to exotic locations around the world.
  18. We are there to make plans for alternate activities should the weather be unfavorable for diving.
  19. We serve as restaurant guide and social director.
  20. We are a bunch of FUN people who want to share with you our knowledge of and love for the underwater world!

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